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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love your body, and the clothes will love you too! :-)

Disclaimer: I'm not a fashion guru or a stylist. I'm just a mom who loves clothes and the idea of fashion, and yes, I am also a 'work in progress'. :-)

When I realized I wasn't going to have my old body back in a heartbeat, I kinda panicked. What am I going to wear? I did lose some weight, so my preggy clothes would make me look, well like I'm in my first trimester again. But I didn't lose enough yet to let me wear my 'just got married' stuff.

Hmmmm... I'm still in that particular conundrum right now, and after some recent trips to the mall (and the fitting room), here's one realization I had about buying clothes for my 'new body':


My post-CS body made me stay away from clothes that showed even a hint of my belly. Pretty much every part of my body became inflated (still kinda inflated now. hehe). So...the question, what part of my body do I have left to 'show off' through my clothes?

Before I got pregnant, I was already 'gifted' chest-wise. Now, I'm even more 'gifted'. Hahahahaha! Anyway, I realized this was one of those very few parts of my body that I can consider my asset (aside from my returning cheekbones and clavicle. hehe).

The trick.  I learned that if you have big boobs, the best way to make 'em work for you (fashion-wise I mean) is to NOT cover them up (e.g. wear a turtleneck), as it would somehow 'exaggerate' their size, which in this case, is not what you want. At the same time, you should also NOT reveal too much. Whether or not you're a mom, I personally think big-chested women should not bare their 'stuff' like it's nobody's business. The secret: Reveal just enough, just to that level you're comfortable with (and that others will be comfortable with too.)

I put together this look through Looklet. I looove red because it brings that ooomph factor to anything you put on. :-) The cut was kinda low on this top, so in cases like these, you can wear a tube top underneath or some really sexy but not too revealing underwear.

I paired it with black pants because it gives a really nice contrast to the brightness of the red. :-) And they say dark jeans/pants are really slimming (note: great for not so slim thighs. not so slim thighs = mine).

Here's another example on how to show off your cleavage, without looking R-rated. :-) If you're wearing a black dress, jazz it up with punches of color here and there! That would sure make it fun!

Hope this helps! :-)

More fab fashion thoughts soon!


lornadahl said...

I love the red top! And the colorful sandals! Soooo me!

Now... I wonder if I reveal "just enough". You be the judge! Hahaha!

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